• I’ve relied on Richard McKeown for executive training and other communications needs for more than 10 years. Richard has a unique ability to work with people at all levels of an organization to help them reach their business and professional goals. – James E. Lee, Vice President, Marketing & Communications, Association for Advanced Life Underwriting, Washington, DC

  • Richard provides invaluable perspectives that help his clients become more effective communicators of important messages on behalf of their organizations or themselves, whether it is a media interview or a public speaking opportunity.  His thorough training focuses on preparation, message development and delivery, and how to position yourself as the subject matter expert, regardless of the topic. – Chuck Jones, APR, Chuck Jones Communications, Alpharetta, Georgia

  • “Simply put: Richard gets it.  Very relevant up to the minute conference presentation on “Crisis Communications in a Wired World.” He offered facts and figures about social media activities in real time…even during the presentation.”
    Brian Clark, American Advertising Federation, Tenth District, Summer Conference Chairman

One-On-One Presentation Coaching

When it comes to presentation styles, one size does not fit all. That’s why Richard McKeown’s one-on-one presentation coaching program is tailored to meet the needs of individual participants and identify strengths that can be leveraged, and weaknesses that can be neutralized…or better yet, eliminated.

This intensive, full-day program is ideal for executives and professionals who prepare and deliver presentations to audiences as diverse as Boards of Directors, the financial community, internal staff, prospective clients, community groups, or in small group settings.



“According to most studies, people’s number one fear is public speaking. Number two is death. Death is number two. Does that sound right? This means to the average person, if you go to a funeral, you’re better off in the casket than doing the eulogy.” – Jerry Seinfeld


Participants are videotaped during the session delivering a presentation they plan to make, or have made. Their presentation is reviewed and critiqued by Richard who provides specific and practical recommendations designed to effect improvement and continued development.

In this program, participants learn to:

  • distinguish between a “speech” and a “presentation”
  • define the purpose of a presentation
  • understand, assess and relate to their audiences
  • organize and structure a presentation
  • overcome performance anxiety
  • project the Four C’s: Comfort, Confidence, Clarity & Credibility
  • persuade audiences to a line of thinking or course of action
  • make effective use of visual support items
  • identify and adopt techniques that move audiences
  • succeed in the Q&A
  • understand and communicate effectively with executive level audiences
  • develop and project presence

Program includes training, videography and course materials.


Presentation Skills Workshop

Effective communication skills are essential in today’s business environment. Yet the prospect of making a presentation induces anxiety and fear in people in all walks of life and at all organizational levels.

Richard McKeown’s Presentation Skills Training Workshop equips participants to overcome that anxiety and develop and deliver presentations with comfort, confidence, clarity and credibility.

Key topic areas include:

  • assessing the audience
  • preparation essentials
  • organizing and structuring the presentation
  • developing a compelling delivery style
  • the one aspect of delivery that “drives it all”
  • secrets to effective rehearsal
  • overcoming nervousness
  • connecting with the audience
  • developing visual support items
  • succeeding in the Q&A period
  • presenting as a “team”

Participants receive specific instruction and training that will help them approach their presentations with confidence and effectiveness. This seminar is ideal for conferences and associational meetings, incorporating into company training programs, and as a sponsored community or organizational program.

Volume and/or contract pricing may be available.


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